Dave Heller: Fine Furniture Maker & Marquetarian

Custom furniture maker and Marquetry expert, Dave Heller, shares his fine furniture and his story of getting into woodworking. See photos of Dave’s workshop and furniture here: https://woodandshop.com/dave-heller-fine-furniture-maker-marquetarian

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A Modern Craftsman Liquor Cabinet, Fine Furniture Making, Woodworking, Carpentry

In this video I build a liquor cabinet. I breakout all my finest woodworking skills to complete this project.

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Basics: The standard fine woodworking kit

If you want to get started with fine woodworking, I present a core set of tools and talk about what matters and why. The important thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you would be amazed at what you find second-hand. Every video includes references to tools.

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Winding sticks
Marking gauges
Plane hammer
Jointing plane
Smoothing plane
Block plane
Apron plane
Japanese dozuki saw
Dovetail saw
Coping saw
Card scraper
Long 1 1/4″ chisel
1″ chisel
1/2″ chisel
1/4″ chisel
Whizcut file
Bevel setter (Veritas)
Bevel gauge
Draw knife
OLFA knife
Sharpening stones (1000 and 8000 grit)

Basics: Glue

Tools: Sharpening wheel – http://youtu.be/y3cMQ7d2S0k

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Fine woodworking with a hardware store saw.

Fine woodworking with a hardware store saw.

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Small Fine Woodworking Projects | Quick And Easy Projects | Small Wood Projects

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Small Fine Woodworking Projects | Quick And Easy Projects | Small Wood Projects-This video is about small fine woodworking projects, quick & easy projects. In this video we are going to make Wooden Speaker So watch the video till the end!
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Have a look at my projects I’m working on in my shop from rocking chairs, dining tables and dining chairs.

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