Frequently Used Tools For Building Pallet Wood Projects
Nail Remover Puller Automatic: (You’ll Love This Thing)
Nail Remover Manual:
Paint/Stain Sprayer:
Hand-Held Circular Saw:
Jig Saw:
Orbital Sander:
Kreg Pocket Hole For Joining Pallet Wood:
Wood Clamps:
Electric Ultra Quite Air Compressor:

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35 – Aquarium Cabinet from Walnut and Cherry raised panel doors

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This was project was an evolution in building. I started life with the intention of being a Terrarium Shelf for my oldest daughter. She has a snake that lives in a 40 gallon enclosure, and she wanted a shelf to put him on. Unfortunately for her pet and her, life got in the way, and what could have been a weekend build, turned into a 5 month project. I was so busy with commissioned jobs & YouTube videos, that, I didn’t have a lot of time for this.

But, perhaps that was a good thing. As time went on, she began looking at and thinking about other projects that I was doing. She saw a pedestal base on a media credenza that I did. And she really liked it. So, even though I had done the shelf part with a utilitarian project in mind, I though why not. Let’s upgrade the base, it’ll look great. (in fact, I had no choice at all. I usually do whatever they ask).

Well, the project slowed down again, and when I picked it back up, she had decided that she wanted the top-most shelf to hold a 10 gallon aquarium. No problem, I made the design changes on the fly (over the course of a week or two…, or three) and, off we went.

Now, by the time that was done, she decided it would look much better if the bottom were enclosed and had doors. Raised panel doors to be specific. She was right of course, so we added to the design and did that too.

Now it was my turn to make a change. It was suddenly too pretty to have large surfaces of Baltic birch plywood showing. I had some pieces of ¼” cherry plywood, and thought it would do nicely.

Then before you knew it, BAM she had a pretty cool Aquarium Cabinet from walnut & maple, instead of a plywood shelf for a terrarium. And it took less than half a year. Jyoti, if you are reading this, sorry it took forever, love you… ~Dad 

Tools & Supplies used for this build:
Titebond III Wood Glue
Pattern Flush Trim router Bit
Classical Router Bit (Quadra-Cut)
Japanese Pull Saw
Rectangular Flat Cabinetmaker Wood Fine Cut Rasp
Cabinetmaker Wood Coarse Cut Rasp Set
Woodpecker’s Square
Quick Grip Clamps
Parallel Clamp Kit Includes: 2-24-inch, 2-50-inch
DeWalt Router
Kreg K5 Pocket hole system basic
Kreg screws for 3/4″ plywood or softwood

Below, I have detailed the supplies and tools that I used to build the Raised Panel doors. These are affiliate links through Amazon. If you happen to need any of these items and buy them through these links, then I get a small fee from Amazon. It will cost you nothing more, but it helps me to support our channel.

100 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
150 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
220 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
320 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
Style-Line Soft-Sander 4-1/2”, set of 6 profiles

Round Rail and Stile Router Bit Set
Quadra-Cut Raised Panel Router Bit with Backcutters
Router Bit Set-Up Jigs for 92013 and 32373 Round Bits
Woodpeckers Coping Sled

Woodpecker Router Table setup:
These 6 items Bolt together for a prefect top of the line high end setup… It is my exact system.
V2 Precision Router Lift
36″ Single Offset Super Fence
Woodpecker 20″ x 37″ Premium Router Table Stand
Woodpecker Phenolic Router Table, 27 x 43
Woodpeckers Precision WHEEL KIT
Porter Cable 7518 3-1/4 HP Router Motor

Self Centering (Vix) Bit
Blum Hinge Mounting Plate
Blum Hinge Soft Close
Freud 35mm Forstner bit
Titebond III Wood Glue
Woodpecker’s Square

Wood Carving – How to Make a SNAKE from WOOD | Woodworking art

Wood Carving – How to Make a SNAKE from WOOD – Woodworking art Channel

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Wood carving animals:

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Carving A Spoon From The Endangered American Chestnut // Woodworking ASMR!!

Carving a spoon with just hand tools from the critically endangered American Chestnut tree.






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Videography and Editing: Marlon J Torres

DISCLAIMER: Woodworking and the use of power and hand tools can be extremely dangerous. You are responsible for understanding the safe use of your tools and techniques. Your safety is YOUR responsibility, I accept NO responsibility or liability for any injuries, accidents, death occurring to you or others if you attempt to do the things that I do or use advice that I give.

Remaking My First Woodworking Project From High School. Mothers Day Gift.

Remaking My First Woodworking Project From High School. Fun and easy woodworking project.
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Easy DIY Gifts Made From Wood | Easy Woodworking Projects

Easy DIY Gifts Made From Wood | Easy Woodworking Projects

Follow along as I (finally) use some of the scrap wood and cutoffs I’ve hoarded to make two beautiful gifts, a succulent planter and a pencil box.

Succulent Planter:
Pencil Box:

Digital Angle Gauge:
Magnetic Feather Board:


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Sunset Serving Tray from Scrap Wood — Woodworking

In this video, I go through my scrap bin and make a serving tray.

With the variety of wood scraps I had on hand, I was able to create this sunset design going from dark earthy tones of walnut, rosewood, wenge, and padauk to bright golden tones of oak, poplar and maple.

DIY TIP: the more exotic woods were pulled from free bins outside of carpentry shops in my neighborhood.

I decided to make the various woods continue across the full length of tray and up the sides. Having this continuous grain through the handles, weakens them a bit, but trust me after hours of sanding this piece, it’s plenty strong, and I think worth it for the sake of design.

This tray was made for my mom for her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Your the best mom I could ask for!

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Products I use:

Milwaukee Drills:
Dewalt Table Saw:
Irwin Quick Grip Clamps:
Bessey Bar Clamps:
Festool Track Saw:
Festool Palm Sander:
Jet Bandsaw 14″:

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Should I Buy Woodworking Tools From The Wish Site? Thursday TipPle Ep 6

Should I Buy Woodworking Tools From The Wish Site? Thursday TipPle Ep 6

Have you ever hovered over the buy it button in an app with goods from china or another country?
If you have ever wondered whether it is worth installing the apps for these sites, then watch my video in which I talk about:

Good and Bad experiences
Selecting what to buy

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6 Mistakes to avoid for New Woodworkers! Wisdom from a Pro!

As I recall the last 15 years gone by, as both an amateur and professional woodworker, I bring to mind several of the mistakes that myself, and others, have made in our journey to greatness. It is the wise person who seeks for wisdom from others. Although this list is by no means exhaustive of the plethora of mistakes that could be garnered from a newbie, I hope this will give some insight and foresight for the aspiring woodworker out there. Hopefully you will not waste time, money, or appendages in your pursuit of wood shavings glory.
In my mind, we are all in this together. True woodworking, existing as a connection to our creative capacities and professional aspirations, is a dying field of employment. My page exists to both offer instruction and, hopefully, encouragement to those of us still striving to better ourselves through the employed use of our hands.

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