How to make a Mortise and Tenon Joint – The Three Joints – | Paul Sellers

Watch Paul Sellers as he teaches you how to make a mortise and tenon joint, one of the three most common woodworking joints.

The mortise and tenon is a strong joint that can withstand all kinds of stresses and strains to support and uphold structures. It is used in furniture-making to make chairs, tables, beds, and many more projects.


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How to make these Alternative Dovetail Joints (The Knapp Joint)

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In this woodworking video, I show you how to make an alternative dovetail joint – The Knapp Joint. If you enjoy making or learning how to make dovetail joints, you will really enjoy the woodworking tips that I share in this project video.

This was a great challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed working out.

I’m very pleased with the results but I’m more than happy to hear of any improvements that could be made. 🙂

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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How Repair Project Parts with Scarf Joints | Woodworking

Do you have a table leg or another piece that has damage, a defect or user error? Don’t throw that piece out. Ernie Conover explains an easy repair technique that will allow you to salvage damaged pieces, including antiques, with a simple table saw jig and some glue.

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9 Essential Woodworking Joints – WOOD magazine

Learn 9 essential woodworking joints that give longevity to your project. WOOD magazine’s Craig Ruegsegger covers topics such as biscuit joints, dado and groove joints, mitered joints, pocket screw joints, rabbet joints, screw joints, spline and glue joints. Learn which methods are best for your project and how to create them.

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7 Flawless Woodwork Joints That You Can Make Easily

7 Flawless Woodwork Joints That You Can Make Easily

All you need is some measuring tools and a bandsaw and you can make these joints.
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