How to Make Quick and Easy Plywood Shop Furniture With Free Plans

Step by step instructions on how to make tool benches and shop furniture out of plywood.

Get the Magnet Driver Set:

Free Tool Bench Plans:

Table Saw:
Yellow Push Stick Thing:
Miter Saw:
F-Style Clamps:
Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Screw Kit:
Kreg Micro Pocket Holes:
Festool Drill:
Wood Glue:
Drawer Slides:
Jet Drill Press:
1/2″ Compact Hinge:
Track Saw:
Dust Collector (similar):
Dust Extractor:
Disc Sander (similar):
Belt Sander:
Spindle Sander:
Little Belt Sander:
Drum Sander:

How to Make Drawer:
Tablesaw Outfeed Table:
Mitersaw Station:
Mobile Shop Cart:
The Ultimate Wookbench:

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How to Make a Rolling Woodworking Shop Cart // Infeed Table and Sanding Station

Make woodworking easier with the ultimate shop cart that can be used as an infeed table, outfeed table, support table and sanding station!

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Most of the supplies used in this woodworking project come from Kencraft:

Cutting Mat:
Router Pad:
Paper Roll:
Tape Measure:
Table Saw:
Miter Saw:
Kreg Pocket Hole Jig:
Casters (similar):
Pin Nailer:
Air Compressor:
Drawer Slides:
Hot Glue Gun:
Laser Cutter:
Large Bandsaw:
Shop Towels:
Drawer Foam:

How to Make a Workbench:
Workbench Part 2 / Accessories: Coming Soon!
Shop Tour:

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Sawmill & Woodworking Shop Walk Through

Sawmill & Woodworking Shop Walk Through

Wood shop walk through – Starting in the log yard , sawmill area then heading into my fine wood working shop. I discuss the on going projects.

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731 Woodworks Shop Tour 2018 – My Woodworking Tools and Shop Set Up

This is my 2018 Shop Tour Video. Let me show you around the 731 Woodworks shop. This is my woodworking shop set up. In this video I show you my shop, how it is set up, the tools I have as of August 2018. I hope to do this as an annual shop tour to see how my shop progresses and maybe compare and contrast each year. I hope to grow the shop in the coming months with a new jointer. I would like to add a router table a router and of course more clamps. I don’t think the to buy tool list is ever complete. But that’s part of the fun of working with a wood shop. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my shop, and any tools you recommend. Also check the links below for my video reviews of the tools seen in this video as well as links to the tools and supplies I use. Thanks for watching.

Check out my tool review videos in this playlist:

Kreg pocket hole jig I use:
Paint sprayer I use:
DeWalt Miter saw I use:
DeWalt Planer I use:
DeWalt Sander I use:

Here are the tools and supplies seen in this video:

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Visiting Paul Lemiski's Shop (Canadian Woodworks)

Paul Lemiski of Canadian Woodworks is a custom furniture maker, saywer, and woodworking instructor. We had the opportunity to visit Paul’s operation while on vacation in Toronto. Paul is located about an hour from Toronto in beautiful Acton, Ontario.

Paul on The Matt and Matthew Show:

Check out Paul’s awesome work:

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Shop Talk, WoodCraft Store, and Bessy Clamps

Shop Talk on my Broken Table Saw, Found a WoodCraft Store, and Bessy Clamp Deals

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Wood Choppin Time You Tube Channel

MFWOODSHOP , Mike Fulton’s You Tube Channel

First Hand Tools For the Power Tool Woodworker Toolbox or the Hybrid Woodworking Shop

First Hand Tools For the Power Tool Woodworker toolbox
I recently Did a video on what hand tools the new hand tool woodworker should get but I have been asked several times to talk about what hand tools the Powertool woodworking shop could use. here is my starter list. so what hand tools should be in the toolbox of the power tool user?

DMT Sharpening plates – (I use Extra coarse, Medium fine, and Extra fine)
Worth The effort Sharpening plate –
Strop –
Polishing compound –
Cheap honing guide –
Veritas Honing guide –
Cheap chisels –
Narex Chisels –
Japanese saw –
Caucus saw –
Block plane –
Low angle jack –
#5 hand plane –
Marking knife:
Dovetail saw –
round spoke shave –
flat spoke shave –
Hand Router –
Cabinet scraper –

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First Hand tools –
Sharpening station –
Japanese Vs. Western Saws –
Low angle vs high angle –

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