The American Woodworker – Teds Woodworking Review

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If you’re just starting out or you’re a
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TedsWoodworking step-by-step plans.

With over 16,000 plans, it covers a ton
of projects. Check it out and see why
I endorse it so much.

You’ll love it.

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We find out why EVERYONE loves this woodworker (@TOOLS_AT_WORK) – Coptool's Meet a Maker

So this is Austin. He’s a finish carpenter from Cincinnati who shares his jobs, tips, and tools with the rest of us on Instagram under the name @Tools_At_Work. Austin also just started his own Youtube channel found here:

We invited Austin into the Coptool Studio to talk about his company, his jobs, his tools, and his channels.

Don’t forget to watch the Coptool Week In Review this Friday at 5pm!

The Highland Woodworker, Episode 38

Christopher Schwarz is to hand tools and hand tool education what Norm Abrams was to power tools. His hand tool research, teaching and publishing is the catalyst for energizing a hand tool renaissance. Several years ago, we visited his home workshop and living room office for “Lost Art Press.” Today he has expanded into a commercial location for the shop, teaching, publishing and tool making in Covington, Kentucky. Christopher gives us an exclusive tour of the “Lost Art Press” headquarters, plus get an up-close look at his Welsh Stick Chair as he tells us many of the lessons learned while spending fifteen years understanding and mastering this unique chair design.

Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks & Techniques:
David Theil shows how a washer that you probably have laying around your shop can be used to help you draw curves in Popular Woodworking Magazine’s “Tips, Tricks and Techniques!”

Tool Box:
Spoon carving seems to be THE THING in woodworking today. It takes very little room and not a huge investment in tools and brings great pride in making something of form and function. Highland Woodworking asked me to whittle a spoon with the Morakniv Wood Spoon Carving Kit. See what happens in this episode’s “Toolbox!” and purchase your own here:

These stories and more, this time on The Highland Woodworker!
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Can you be a full time professional woodworker?

Many people dream of building furniture for a living. But before you jump into that career, answer these questions to find out if you CAN be a full time professional woodworker.
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Process of a Master Woodworker: In the Shop with Alf Sharp Part 2

This is the 2nd in a series on Alf Sharp a Master Woodworker and Craftsman. Alf shares his thoughts on the process of fine woodworking, hand tools vs. power tools, and his advice for beginner woodworkers.

1st Video: Journey of a Master Craftsman

Alf has been building woodworking projects in his wood shop for the last 30 years and has concentrated on museum-quality, one-of-a-kind furniture, primarily in the 18th century American style. He is a master of high and low relief carving, inlay, marquetry, and French polishing. If you want to see more of Alf’s work you can find it here:

Museum Quality Custom Furniture

Produced, filmed and edited by Brad Rodriguez

In partnership with Powermatic.

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From One Woodworker To Another…

This is the story of how the late woodworker, James Grisham’s family received an amazing favor from Charles Brock.
Video produced by Alyson Grisham
Here is Chuck’s article:
I received a call for help from a sweet lady named Linda Grisham. Her story was very interesting, the kind that tugs at your heart and keeps you from forming the word “No” as a response.
Linda explained that her husband James was a woodworker and had built several Maloof style pieces of sculptured furniture. He’d finished several rockers and was working on a cradle when a drunken driver hit and killed him during one of his early morning bike rides near Carrolton, Georgia.

Linda said she found me through Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, GA. She asked if I would finish the cradle because their first grand child was due in June. See what I mean?

Linda and her son Todd Grisham arrived at my studio one day with the cradle and its frame. The cradle as delivered to my studio is pictured with my work bench. It looked absolutely “Maloofian”. A walnut frame with double stretchers and a cradle with coopered ends and a walnut strip basket between them made up a large cradle for the new Grisham baby. I would take the challenge, but not for pay. Thanks would be enough. How do you charge for a project like this one?

I have often imagined my unfinished projects at my passing. My family will not know what to do with them, my tools or wood stash. When attending woodworkers’ estate sales, I have often felt empathy for the departed woodworker and their families. This project brought these thoughts to the forefront.

Right after taking this assignment, a lot of good happened. I was blessed with the Martha Stewart Show appearance and had two full rocker classes. I scheduled the project for late May and here it is June 9th and I’m just finishing it up. Todd and his wife Alyson are awaiting the birth of a girl due on June 12th. I have been racing the stork. I finished it on the 12th and delivered it on June 13th in time for the “Baby Grisham Girl” to come home to on Monday.

I must say I have never finished another man’s project. In this situation I tried to look for clues as to what James Grisham was thinking, the lines he was seeing and the methods he was implementing in designing and building such a piece. I removed a lot of material making lines that will move the observer’s eyes.

The walnut was very brittle. It was almost too dry as if his shop had been in a basement with a running dehumidifier. I asked Todd about the location of his dad’s shop and a possible dehumidifier and it was a “Bingo” on both guesses.

Titebond III was new on the market (I believe) in 2008. Squeeze out was everywhere and it did not come off easily. It was just too gummy even after all this time. On the good side the glue line was not visible.

The coopered ends were joined perfectly and all the project needed was a lot of shaping and sanding. Yea! Sanding is great fun! Well, it’s the results that count. My Festool RAS 115 grinder and RO-90 sander were big assets along with a lot of good old hand sanding.

In the Maloof tradition, the hardware used for hanging the swinging cradle should be durable but not visable. I hung the cradle on steel pins that were epoxied into the frame arms. They mate with bronze bushings in the cradle’s extended arms.

I could feel James’ presence with me all the way. When I pass, I hope I am not assigned to a sanding station in heaven. I’m pretty sure that if there is one I have been sent to a certain theological destination of unending punishment. I also hope someone will finish an important project like this for my family.

May God bless you James Grisham. I think I know you.


What to Give a Woodworker as a Gift

What to Give a Woodworker as a Gift

Leah takes you around the woodworking store, showing various tools and materials that most woodworkers would love to receive as a gift.

Links to the Tools Shown in the Video:

Wheel Marking Gauge:

Dovetail Marker:

Mini Square:

Woodworking (and Metal) File Set:

Kreg Pocket Jig:

Wood Mallets
Rounded Style:
Square Style:

Titebond III Wood Glue:

Leather Shop Apron:

Purple Hearing Protection Earmuffs:

Safety Glasses:

Spring Dividers:

Woodworking Bench:

Woodworking Saws (note: we could not find the Veritas brand of saws online – which was the brand we were looking at while at the store). Here are links to other brands, that are well-rated:

Dovetail Saw:

Tenon Saw:

Many thanks to Woodcraft Seattle, for letting us film this video in their store. Here is the link to the Woodcraft website:

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